Listen: Slynk Transformed a Sample Pack Tutorial Into a Glitch Hop Goliath, “Bust It”

Known for his funky electronic sound and Albeton tutorials, Australian DJ and producer Slynk generated his new single "Bust It" by showcasing the versatility of a sample pack.

Back in January, Slynk uploaded a video to YouTube called the "Biggest Sample Pack Ever," where he put Black Octopus Sound's Leviathan IV bundle to the ultimate test. He decided that the best way to showcase the pack's 6,500-plus sounds would be to create four songs in four different genres, and then put it all together as one.

For this endeavor, Slynk chose to experiment with drum & bass, dubstep, glitch hop and synthwave. Watch him break down his process below. 

Upon completion, the Vancouver-based tastemaker came to realize that one of the songs he had produced for the tutorial had potential. So when inspiration hit, Slynk began to explore the glitch hop idea further. 

"I found some new inspiration from ill.gates," Slynk tells "We've been working casually on a drum & bass collab and spending some time in the studio hanging out, enjoying the process of making weird sounds together and just generally having a good time. I guess, after so long of not writing anything, it was awesome to hang out with someone who was super stoked about music."

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Listen: Slynk Transformed a Sample Pack Tutorial Into a Glitch Hop Goliath, "Bust It"

Out now by way of Westwood Recordings, "Bust It" was a passion project for the Australian producer.

With live events resuming in Canada, Slynk discovered a newfound passion for music production and was empowered to experiment with newfangled techniques and bold sound design. Aptly titled "Bust It," the new track finds him transforming what was once a sample pack tutorial track into a glitch hop passion project.

Out today by way of Westwood Recordings, "Bust It" begins with an ominous soundscape before leading to a glitched-out wormhole of bass. In totality, the track is both a glitch hop goliath and a showcase of Slynk's unique approach to music production.

"In the half time section there is this crunchy, watery sound preceding the snare drum," Slynk explains. "I created that sound by recording myself crumpling up a sheet of paper into the microphone and then reversing the audio and further processing the sound."

Catch Slynk live from the Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival 2022, where he will be performing for the 10th time. In the meantime, you can stream "Bust It" here.