Listen to Baauer’s Genre-Bending 19-Track Mixtape,"The Boptape"

Someone needs to tell Baauer to take it easy.

You'd think a Grammy nomination would be enough for him to take a break, but the renowned trap and bass music producer has just released an expansive mixtape that mutates the EDM genre into an experimental monster of Martian essence. Comprised of 19 beats that Baauer produced on Twitch, The Boptape picks up right where his alien-inspired PLANET'S MAD LP left off, at the intersection of audiovisual mastery and groundbreaking sound design.

Highlights from The Boptape are aplenty, but a few of its songs are bona fide masterstrokes. The mixtape's fourth track "Depop Damaga" samples Wildchild's classic house tune "Renegade Master," using the timeless vocal to offer a frenetic breakbeat beast. Fans of Baauer's earlier works will find solace in "Con Migo," a Latin-inspired trap bomb which features 808s that knock with the ferocity of older tracks such as "Slip." "I'm A Baby (Wah Wah Wah)" is also a treat, with a hypnotic yet thumping arrangement splayed with quirky hip-hop vocal samples.

Check out the mixtape in full below.

In addition to the release of The Boptape, Baauer also announced a special deluxe Blu Ray "Globe’s Crazy Edition" of PLANET'S MAD. The album will include four brand new original tracks from Baauer as well as remixes from A. G. Cook, Cozway, Holly, Special Request, S-Type, and umru.

You can pre-order the record on Baauer's website.