Listen to Deorro’s Long-Awaited Latin-Dance Crossover Album, “Orro”

After months of teasing his long-awaited Orro LP, Deorro has finally released his sophomore album via Ultra Records.

Orro brings exactly what was promised to the table: Latin and electronic influences neatly packed into one cohesive package. The album embraces the best of both worlds across its 19 tracks, allowing Deorro's roots to flourish alongside the sound that catapulted him into the limelight. It's something that veteran electronic music fans and new admirers alike can approach without feeling overwhelmed by the various complexities of the genre. 

Though the main attraction of the album is the crossover element, its blend of genres is the true champion of Deorro's prowess. From house to bounce to moombahton, he expertly weaves through genres under the umbrella of his Latin influences. Perhaps the best example comes near the end of Orro, where the "Ponte Pa' Mi" reprise featuring Jon Z transitions from Melbourne to Latin on "Dime," followed by house music on "Solo Dimelo."

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Listen to Deorro's Long-Awaited Latin-Dance Crossover Album, "Orro"

Deorro masterfully reconnects with his Latin roots in his stunning sophomore album.

"Many of the collabs I have on this album are people I was aiming for. I studied all of their music deeply and it was something that ended up being years in the making," Deorro elaborated in a press statement. "It was absolutely all worth it to work with some of the people I have such an admiration for. There are people who I’ve been listening to and have immense respect for like Tucanes and Ángeles Azules, but also these newer artists that have incredible talent. It’s truly the culmination of everything that inspires me to make music.”

All in all, Orro serves as a doorway to future crossover projects on a grander scale. It's a comprehensive work that beautifully captures Deorro's collective influences, making it a must-listen for longtime fans and anyone who appreciates the boundaries electronic music can push.

Listen to Orro on streaming platforms here.