Menna Drops Breezy House Bop "Show Me Your Love"

Toronto dance music producer Menna has dropped his third single, the breezy house bop "Show Me Your Love."

Released independently, "Show Me Your Love" is a poignant dance number that hearkens back to the idyllic, sun-soaked beach parties of pre-pandemic times. Menna makes use of dreamy piano chords and fluttering arpeggios to construct an aura of musical bliss, interweaving smooth vocals to add an extra layer of depth. He further flexes his production chops in the break, where he introduces a melancholic acoustic guitar segment that helps bring the track home as it creeps toward a soaring final chorus.

"Show Me Your Love" is the third single to be dropped by the young Canadian beatmaker, who only seems to be getting better with each release. He debuted in summer 2020 with the euphoric progressive house cut "Sunset"—a collaboration with Manda Malina—before returning in September with "Feel This Way," a bouncy track that goes more of a future house route. If you like what you hear in Menna's latest single, stay on the lookout for his debut EP, which is scheduled to drop later in 2021.

Check out "Show Me Your Love" below via Spotify.