MONXX Drops Surreal Music Video for Wobbly Smash "Wonkaholic"

MONXX ended 2020 with a bang, performing alongside dubstep favorites Zomboy, ATLiens, and Jkyl & Hyde on New Years Eve in Denver. During that set, he debuted the music video for "Wonkaholic." After dropping a teaser earlier this week, the video has officially gone live. 

Although "Wonkaholic" was already a favorite amongst fans, the music video certainly gives it a well-deserved boost. Drawing suspense early on, viewers are enticed by a green, dimly lit room and 12th Planet's unmistakable voice introducing his radio show. An almost unrecognizable MONXX sits in front of an old-school computer before receiving a mysterious package. 

Within the package, MONXX finds a strange green liquid that takes him on a surreal trip guided by wobbly synths and aggressive bass. Undoubtedly, the UK talent has busted out his cinematic chops for this one. Fans will have to tune in to fully capture the madness that ensues. 

Watch the music video for "Wonkaholic" below.