Moore Kismet Keeps the New Music Flowing With Latest Single, "You Should Run"

Moore Kismet is one of the busiest producers in the electronic world today, balancing their budding music career with all of the demands of high school. Even so, they have managed to keep their fans on their toes, releasing three new singles just this fall. 

Out October 30th, "You Should Run" is the producer's latest, marking their debut release on Night Mode. Featuring songwriter and vocalist Pauline Herr, the track surprises with its melodic drop and bright, radiant synth details, helping it stand out amongst Moore Kismet's trap-dominated discography. In fact, with its hollowed out bass line and softer sonics, "You Should Run" couldn't be further from the artist's trap-minded origins. However, with its magnificently arranged second drop, Moore Kismet cohesively links "You Should Run" with their past work, effortlessly demonstrating their knack for reimagining traditional genres into their own special style. 

"When I first started writing 'You Should Run,' it sounded completely different from the beautiful iteration that it is now," Moore Kismet said of the song in a press release. "As I started to work on it day by day, week by week, a completely new story had been formed. It was more visceral, it was more raw, and it was amazing. I hope people will take away from this song a sense of clarity about who you love and what you would do for them."