“My Phone Died” By Pop Talent Ashley Sienna Is One October’s Best Pop Releases

Ashley Sienna has just released new music. Her latest single, “My Phone Died” comes right after she dropped “When I’m Single,” and is certainly one of the best pop singles released during the month of October. The young Ashley started releasing songs when she was eleven years old, and never stopped since. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, she displays all the skills an artist needs to have in order to make it globally in 2020. Positive and uplifting lyrics paired with a strong sense of melody, Ashley Sienna creates the kind of music all generations love to play on repeat, and we are so impatient for her to finally drop her debut EP Out Of My Head, from which her two latest releases were taken off. 

Sienna is attracting more and more listeners and fans with her playful songs, while we expect bigger things to come her way in 2020.