Nicky Romero Debuts Chilled Out Single "Nights With You"

Nicky Romero has made the most out of his increased time in the studio this year. The Dutch DJ and producer has released a total of eight original tracks, six remixes, and two EPs (one under another alias) since January 2020. Today, he has returned with his latest single, "Nights With You," out via Universal Music

"Nights With You" will undoubtedly catch some fans off guard. Nicky Romero has ditched the bombastic, energetic synths listeners can usually find in his tunes and has instead adopted organic percussion, a beautiful piano melody, and a phenomenally written orchestral build-up. The vocals included are incredibly well-executed, adding another layer of depth to his chilled out smash. 

While "Nights With You" isn't something that's completely out of Nicky Romero's wheelhouse, it's a sound we haven't heard often and we're welcoming it with open arms. Romero himself had some choice words about his fresh single as well. "'Nights With You' is a song I have loved from the very first moment I finished the demo," said the famed Dutch producer. "We went through many versions of this record, but when the acoustic strings came in, I knew instantly we had something special."

Listen to "Nights With You" below.