Nicky Romero Releases 2020 Edit of Breakout Single "Toulouse"

Nearly a decade since its release in late 2011, Nicky Romero has revisited the track that facilitated his big break. 

It's safe to say the producer's early hit single "Toulouse" has demonstrated enough staying power to become an all-time favorite for many dance music fans. It's the type of track whose very mention brings back a wave of nostalgia, and it all comes back to that bright, unforgettable melody, which hasn't aged one bit. 

The "I Need You To Know" producer made the decision to revamp his career-launching track with a special 2020 edit. Nicky Romero plays it right; he doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, instead opting to make select changes that refresh "Toulouse" for the present day. The melody is crisper, the plucks carry a bit more weight, and the song's transition from build to drop is equally satisfying. The Dutch hitmaker decided to switch things up a little more dramatically at the song's peak, taking the song down a steep descent with plunging melodic leads before rising up in the other direction. 

Nicky Romero first began teasing the edit during his live sets in March, but now the revamped work has arrived in full via Spinnin' Records. Listen below.