Ponzoo and Romar Seek "GOAT" Status with New Single

Dack Janiels' 40oz Cult imprint always offers a hefty helping of refreshing bass-heavy sounds, and Ponzoo and Romar have just served up another round for the label.

Bass house meets trap in the duo's new collaboration, "Goat," whose auto-tuned lyrics pointedly claim the title. Rolling hihats and a bell melody line the intro and midsection, as powerful 808s thump. But the drop is indeed for the shufflers, boasting a robust and danceable house groove. 

Honolulu native Ponzoo has a penchant for delivering memorable trapped-out hybrid bass numbers, and "Goat" further expands on that sound with its enticing house elements. Production partner, official Hopsin DJ, and skateboarder Romar lends his talents to the track as both artists make their debut on the 40oz Cult imprint. 

"Goat" is out now and can be streamed or purchased here. 


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