Premiere: Aeondelit ‘Anima Minima’

Premiere: Aeondelit ‘Anima Minima’

Aeondelit will release a new EP via Tel Aviv label Sadan on 17th March. 

Debuting on the label with four cuts of cinematic club music, the Manizales Colombia producer drew inspiration from dreams and the works of philosopher Jean-François Lyotard for the EP. 

Speaking about the origin of the EP’s title and theme in an official press release, Aeondelit said: “As a further incarnation of the ‘sublime’, [Lyotard’s] essay ‘Anima Minima’ is explored here in terms of its double binding of life and death, anaesthesia and sensation, and the temporal disjuncture of the emergent aesthetic event.”

This sense of juxtaposition is played out across these tracks, from the fluttering trance melodies and thick drums of ‘Primary Sensation’ to the soft-focus synths crushed beneath quaking breakbeats in ‘Anaesthetic Annihilation’. Below, you can hear the opening title track, which pits deep, syncopated percussion against richly designed synths. 

As with every release on Sadan Records, 50% of all proceeds raised through the release will go to Physicians for Human Rights. The label says: “We chose to support PHR to contribute to humanitarian aid which is needed as an outcome of the ongoing Israeli occupation, apartheid, and violation of Palestinian rights, which we strongly oppose.”

Pre-order ‘Anima Minima’ here.