Premiere: Aroent ‘Bobcat’

Premiere: Aroent ‘Bobcat’

Aroent will release a new EP, ‘Say’, via Infinite Machine this month. Listen to ‘Bobcat’ below. 

The Greek-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer’s debut for the Mexico City label slots easily into its experimental catalogue. Aroent uses his love for UK club styles and soundsystem culture as a jump-off point for three mutated dancefloor slammers. Inspired by labels like Timedance and Livity Sound, Aroent puts a bracing industrial techoid twist on UK funky and Jersey Club-like beats, dressing them in hi-tech sound design, randomised digital zaps and altered samples (spot the Breaking Bad vocal interjections in the title track). 

Capped off with a “skeletal tool” remix of the title track from Timedance affiliate Ploy, this release is a thrilling introduction to Aroent’s amorphous production technique. We can’t wait to hear more. 

‘Bobcat’ is a whirling club tool in the same percussive wheelhouse as More Time Records or Nervous Horizon. Check it out below. 

‘Say’ will be released on 27th May. Pre-order it here.

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