[Premiere] KOLIDESCOPES Provide The Soundtrack To Life's Best Moments on "Foundations"

Not every song needs to have you headbanging at the rail or hearing a DJ scream “1, 2, 3, jump!” Sometimes, it’s enough to have a simple, eloquent melody and rhythmic vocals with some beautiful composition. “Foundations,” out today from KOLIDESCOPES featuring Jasmine Thompson is a perfect example the sort beachside, late night vibes that can help soundtrack a perfect moment.

The opening sounds like it could be from “Shooting Stars,” the vocals sound like they could be from Florence, the chorus like Autograf, and yet altogether it sounds absolutely brilliant. I’d never be one to disparage taking influences from others, especially when it ends up being as wonderfully perfect as this.

“Foundations” sounds like it could be the perfect midday Bonnaroo anthem, the soundtrack to your Pacific Coast Highway getaway, your late-night bonfire and so many other things. And when you create a song that not only carries a vibe, but one that can be attached to a moment in time, that’s when you create a classic.

Listen to “Foundations” from KOLIDESCOPES below and get it here.