[Premiere] Sippy Flips Emalkay's Dubstep Classic "Fabrication"

“Fabrication” by Emalkay is without a doubt one the absolute classics in dubstep. Alongside others like “Midnight Request Line,” “Night,” “Woo Boost,” and so many others, it helped to bring the dubstep sound to a wider audience and is still played out frequently to this day.

When you approach a classic like “Fabrication” for a remix, a certain level deference must be given to it. It has to be treated like the gem that it is. So when I was sent this remix by SIPPY, I was excited, but skeptical. Could she pull f something that would pay tribute to the classic while bringing it into the modern sound? In short, yes. God damn, yes she did.

“I wanted to remix one the classics – and I was very conscious not doing any injustice to the original. I really loved playing with that main melodic riff, there’s so much anticipation in it and I knew how much I could build on it. I also wanted to sprinkle the melodic elements the original throughout the track – I wanted to make sure the drop felt seamlessly connected to the rest the track.”

The new drop features a more stabby rhythm than the smooth bassline the original, as well as some reimagined synths and new percussion. As SIPPY herself says, a lot the melodic elements remain intact to keep the vibe the original. The second drop, especially, comes as a heavier take with a slower tempo than the first and a more in-your-face attitude.

SIPPY has a lot more coming in the rest 2019, so stay tuned. For now, check out her remix “Fabrication” by Emalkay below!