[Premiere] Taka Perry Teams With JP THE WAVY For International Hit "Kuruna"

After hearing the ONJUICY collab from Conrank’s recent debut album, I’ve been craving some more Japanese/EDM collaborations. Lo and behold, I get this stellar collab from Australian-born Japenese artist Taka Perry and JP THE WAVY, “Kuruna” in my inbox.

Translated to “don’t come around here,” “Kuruna” is a nod to Taka’s Japanese roots. Everything about the song, even down to the artwork, inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e style art, is a representation his heritage. The hip hop beats work perfectly with the f-beat Japanese language which is able to hit a flow completely different than English.

Taka explains how the track came together: “I had an early instrumental Kuruna on my hard drive for a while, and a mutual friend sent it to JP THE WAVY. We didn’t hear anything back at all, until a few days later when he sent through the whole song, and I knew it was something special.”

JP adds, “Kuruna came together really quickly. I was sent the beat, and over the space two hours all the lyrics came together.”

Check out “Kuruna” below!