QUIX Enlists Cyclops and Crooked Bangs for Intricate Trap Anthem, “Pompeii”

Over the past few years, QUIX has cemented himself as one of the most exciting names to watch in dance music with his eclectic takes on trap and bass music. Directly following his anthemic drum & bass single, “Enter With Caution,” the acclaimed producer has now returned to Dim Mak to share “Pompeii,” an explosive trap gem that hints at an exciting return back to his roots.

A collaboration with fellow producer Cyclops, and vocal contributions from the dark punk rock band, Crooked Bangs, “Pompeii” nicely puts QUIX’s genre-bending style on display. Starting off with playful melodies that quickly transition into full-scale cinematic production, “Pompeii” brings together sharp sound design in the first drop, before exploding into melodic bliss in its second climax.

“The way the relationship came about was us being on the same roster and slowly becoming production friends, then becoming actual friends! Another interesting fact is that the first time we tried writing to this vocal the song kinda failed and we got really stuck to the point we’re we totally abandoned the song,” said QUIX on his synergy with Cyclops in a press statement shared with EDM.com.

“Then later on I started writing a beat to a Ellie Goulding acapella that conveniently was in the same key! Sent stems to Keith and he wrote this incredible 2nd drop! The song was practically done in a couple days!”

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QUIX Enlists Cyclops and Crooked Bangs for Intricate Trap Anthem, “Pompeii”

The New Zealand DJ and producer has returned in a massive way!

Listen to “Pompeii” by QUIX, Cyclops, and Crooked Bangs below: