Rich DietZ Want to “Free Ur Mind” On Latest Bass House Anthem

"Hey, yo, what's your sign?" ask South Floridian duo Rich DietZ on their latest bass house anthem, "Free Ur Mind." 

Out July 1st via Azueron Select, the track is right in line with the party-patented sound of previous works like "White Claw Song" and "Jedi Sh!t," which call on cheeky lyrics and wonky sound design to pump power through the speakers.

"Free Ur Mind" combines hypnotically filtered vocals, spine-tingling percussion and an eerie melodic tone to fill out its own late-night feel. Dark and dirty bass beats break throughout to carry the energy from start to finish. 

"We wrote this record almost two years ago and we are hyped to share it now more than ever," wrote Rich DietZ on social media. "Be who you want to be, and live the way you want to live."

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Rich DietZ

Rich DietZ Want to "Free Ur Mind" On Latest Bass House Anthem

Hypnotic vocals and spine-tingling percussion pair up for this party-patented banger.

Listen to "Free Ur Mind" here: