Rudy Touzet Drops Breezy Remix of Breakup Anthem, “Treason”

Breathing life into his brooding single "Treason," Rudy Touzet has unveiled a brand new remix by The Alliance.

The revamped production adds another intoxicating layer to the storytelling in "Treason," which is the track's crown jewel. Contemplative and aching, the lyricism explores the difficulties of moving on from a deceptive relationship in the wake of betrayal. "Life can give you brand new eyes," Touzet croons.

The Alliance has now taken Touzet's dark pop original and transported it to the dancefloor, producing a catchy rework in the best of both worlds. The new rendition does a great job of keeping the melancholic feel intact while infusing more energy, employing a brisk, four-on-the-floor rhythm and smooth vocal chops.

Check out the new "Treason" remix below.

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Rudy Touzet Drops Breezy Remix of Breakup Anthem, "Treason"

The new remix by The Alliance transports "Treason" to the dancefloor.

Touzet's debut single "Contigo," which was released in April 2020, takes inspiration from his Cuban roots. Hailing from Miami, he is now living on the West Coast and rising through the singer-songwriter ranks after studying music at Chapman University.

Touzet, 22, has said that moving to Los Angeles has reinvigorated the love of music he experienced as a child. And it certainly played a role in the sun-kissed sound of The Alliance's new remix.

"I recently listened to the original 'Treason' demo and focused on the beats and vocal chop in the chorus. Taking a step back I thought it would work well in a remix," Touzet said. The Alliance remix really made that thought become a reality and transformed 'Treason' into a new sound. The message in the lyrics is still there, but with a chill beach kick to it. When I first listened to the remix, it made me want to sprint down the beach during sunset."