Shaq aka Dancing to Boombox Cartel Is Legit All We Needed Today

Shaq aka DJ Diesel is bringing his A-game to the dance scene. Not only with his music — but with his moves!

In the video below, the retired pro athlete and bass heavy DJ takes on Boombox Cartel x Nessly‘s certified banger “Moon Love” with uncharted swag and finesse. Honestly, we knew Shaq could get down — but to this extent — we had no idea.

Shaq’s caption reads: “Me and my favorite dancer¬†@adamsevani x @cameracontrol bringing light to the moon. I got 100 thousand for anybody who wanna battle us. Let me kno the time and place #dontbescared

As we all know, Shaq isn’t afraid a mosh pit, either. The superstar was spotted at Tomorrowland 2019 getting down with fans in the pit all weekend one long. See the video pro¬†here.

Back to the “Moon Love” dance f. There’s nothing else that can prepare you for this — just watch.

Shaq Has Mad Moves


Photo Adam Kargenian for Insomniac Events