Space Laces Fearlessly Embraces a New Era On Long-Awaited “High Vaultage” EP: Listen

A new era of Space Laces has arrived.

The Louisville producer has finally released his hotly anticipated High Vaultage EP via his home of Never Say Die.

With each ingenious release, Space Laces never fails to shake up the bass music scene. High Vaultage is no different, as he's disassembled parts of his fan-favorite "Vaultage" mixes and consolidated them as a cohesive EP. From start to finish, it's jam-packed with instant classics. 

Each of the EP's five songs are impeccable, making it impossible to designate a highlight. "Droid" samples Star Wars while "Not Bees" includes a sample from Nick Cage's famous scene in The Wicker Man, and both employ high-energy house rhythms. "Disco Bloodbath" and "Splinters" join in on the four-on-the-floor mayhem, making High Vaultage Space Laces' most dancefloor-friendly release to date. 

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Space Laces

Space Laces Fearlessly Embraces a New Era On Long-Awaited "High Vaultage" EP: Listen

For fans of Space Laces, "High Vaultage" is the culmination of years of waiting.

"Run DLL," on the other hand, is a showcase of Space Laces' virtuosic sound design capabilities. Longtime fans of the producer will perhaps gravitate most to this innovative trap cut.

High Vaultage is a landmark release for Space Laces. It not only ushers in the evolution of his sound, but also signals a defining moment in his career as he prepares for his first "Vaultage" live show. In other words, the needle of his trajectory is pointing up—and it's about to go haywire.

Listen to High Vaultage on streaming platforms here.