Space Wizard Releases Experimental Trap EP On Subtronics’ New Cyclops Recordings Imprint

Space Wizard has busted his way onto the scene via Subtronics' new Cyclops Recordings imprint with an aggressively mind-bending EP, The Marble Room.

A concise three-track offering, the EP takes listeners down an increasingly experimental bass music path with each passing moment. The producer spent the better part of 2020 hitting us with consistent singles, but his first pass at a long-form project showcases his versatility more than previous efforts. 

The EP's opener, the titular track, sets the stage with ambient textures as sweeping waves of white noise usher in a fierce, grinding bassline. It's easily Space Wizard's most aggressive tune on the project, which is followed by the offbeat technological tinkering of "Deactivation Sequence." The record closes with an even more experimental tune, "Corrupt Butterflies," which incorporates quirky, distorted vocal samples amid the frenetic phases of shape-shifting synths. 

As one of the first artists to release on the freshly minted Cyclops Recordings imprint, Space Wizard is setting the bar high for what is likely to be an impactful label in the coming year.