Vini Vici and Berg Breathe New Life Into The Beloved’s 1993 Hit, “Sweet Harmony”

Vini Vici and Berg have turned back the clock to 1993, reimagining The Beloved's club classic, "Sweet Harmony."

The superstar psytrance outfit eschewed the electrifying elements of their signature sound here, opting for a more hypnotic feel. Melancholic chords and feathery pads highlight the airy arrangement, before Vini Vici and Berg unload a four-on-the-floor drop with spacey synths. 

The production of Berg, a budding Israeli electronic music artist, adds layers of emotive sound design to the revamped "Sweet Harmony." All in all, it's a unique blend of dance-pop, progressive, and psytrance that represents yet another solid addition to Vini Vici's venerated discography.

"'Sweet Harmony' is one of those tracks that makes you close your eyes, feel light, and feel full of energy," Vini Vici said. "I think especially in days like this, the world needs a message, like the one 'Sweet Harmony' has to offer."

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Vini Vici and Berg Breathe New Life Into The Beloved's 1993 Hit, "Sweet Harmony"

You can listen to Vini Vici and Berg's "Sweet Harmony" rework below and stream it here.