William Black Explores the Depths of Vulnerability In Stunning Sophomore Album, “Pieces”

Break out the tissues for Pieces, William Black's stunning sophomore album.

The electronic music wunderkind and EDM.com Class of 2021 artist has offered fans a 12-track tour de force, replete with euphoric production and the storytelling prowess of one of EDM's most promising songwriters.

Released today via Lowly, Pieces is a future bass lover's dream. The record features a bevy of the genre's most beloved producers and singer-songwriters, such as Nurko, Fairlane, HALIENE, Essenger, and RUNN.

"Remedy" is a surefire highlight in an album with many of them. Annie Schindel provides a killer topline, which moonlights as a captivating cry for help. The same can be said of "Haven" (with Dia Frampton), a melodic dubstep knockout that sheds light on the responsibility we have to offer loved ones a shoulder to lean on.

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William Black Explores the Depths of Vulnerability In Stunning Sophomore Album, "Pieces"

"Each song is about a different emotional memory I have."

Vulnerability is one of the album's central motifs, explored via aching lyricism and buoyant sound design. Tracks like "Broken" (with Fairlane) and "Only Reason" (with RØRY) are ideal examples of how Black blurs the line between soaring and somber. It's an elusive dichotomy that he has been able to execute time and again.

You can listen to Pieces in full below.

"Pieces is about putting together all the moments I’ve gone through, particularly considering the feelings attached to them," Black said in a statement. "Each song is about a different emotional memory I have. Together, all these parts make up who I am as a person. Writing this album has helped me learn a lot about myself and how I’ve come to this wonderfully surreal point in my life. Music has always helped me through moments of sadness and to celebrate moments of joy. Pieces is meant to do the same."

Listen to Pieces on your go-to streaming platform here.


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